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Name:Cid Highwind
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America
"$%^& mind yer own goddamn business numskull!"

She packed my bags last night pre-flight
Zero hour nine a.m.
And I'm gonna be high as a kite by then
I miss the earth so much I miss my wife
It's lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight
And I think it's gonna be a long long time
Till touch down brings me round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I'm a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone
Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids
In fact it's cold as hell
And there's no one there to raise them if you did
And all this science I don't understand
It's just my job five days a week
A rocket man, a rocket man
And I think it's gonna be a long long time...

Don't let me catch you eye-balling my Tiny Bronco!!

Gruff, rude, and always speaks his mind. Cid has few social graces, always swearing and telling people exactly what he thinks of them (which is very little). When he was still a candidate at the Midgar Naval Air Training Center, Cid was considered to be very popular and adventurous by his classmates. He earned the respect of many seasoned pilots and students alike with his knowledge of machinery, unselfish attitude towards his friends, and his masterful operation of so many different types of vehicles.

That's my Highwind!!

Cid was the primary designer of the airship Highwind, during his stay at the Training Center. He designed it with no assistance from any of ShinRa's master aircraft designers as he claimed, "I know what the hell I'm doin!" Although it was originally designed to be a cargo craft, the Highwind was later retrofitted for use in war. Cid did not discover that fact until after reclaiming the Highwind.

You've never seen a damn submarine before?!?!

Cid is a man of average height, with a weather-beaten face. He has short-cropped dirty-blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a pair of pilot's goggles on his brow, along with a blue jacket, khaki fatigue pants, leather gloves and boots. He always has a lit cigarette clamped between his teeth, regardless of the situation.

A self-taught combatant, Cid is known as an excellent spear-user. He often makes his own weapons because in his own words, "I don't trust the damn thing if I didn't put it together myself!" In combat, he can launch himself into the air; bringing himself down on top of the opponent--impaling them upon his Venus Gospel.

Are you really this stupid? That's me!!

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